Have you been left with a system that you don’t understand or isn’t functioning properly. Our service team at UTS has the experience to get your technology working for you.

We support a wide range of systems, even the ones your previous provider (or the manufacturer!) has long since abandonded. If you have the latest technology or a legacy system, our technicians will provide a solution to have you operating again quickly and cost effectively.

Our team can troubleshoot and repair software/configuration and hardware/infrastuctural issues. If you have damaged or cut lines, data cables or fiber optic cabling, UTS will repair it to meet or exceed specifications and restore your connectivity quickly allowing your team to get back to work quickly.

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G4227 Fenton Road
Burton, MI 48529


  • VoIP & Phone Systems
  • Security Cameras, IP Cameras & CCTV
  • Access Control Systems
  • Data/Fiber Optic Cabling


24 Hour Service & Support
2-4 Hour Response Time
7 Days a Week
Afterhours: 248-669-2300 Option 3